Willem J. de Wit is professor of biblical studies and systematic theology and chair of the department of biblical studies at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, Egypt. Earlier he worked as a junior research fellow for the International Reformed Theological Institute at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the author of the following book:

Willem J. de Wit, On the Way to the Living God: A Cathartic Reading of Herman Bavinck and an Invitation to Overcome the Plausibility Crisis of Christianity (Amsterdam: VU University Press, 2011), x + 208 pages, ISBN 978 90 8659 586 0.

The print edition is no longer for sale, but the book can be ordered as a Logos electronic edition or be downloaded as a free pdf.

Post-Christian Amsterdam is a place where life seems to be good without God, where Jesus is seen as a figure of a distant past, and where only a few people still go to church. However, it is also a context from which a deeply reflected invitation springs to face and o
vercome the plausibility crisis of Christianity.

By telling the story of the Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck (1854–1921) and his struggle to remain standing as a Christian over against the modern worldview of his day, this study offers interested readers all over the world a mirror in which to face their own struggle.

Moreover, in a world explained without God and marked by evil it, extends the invitation to adopt a binocular worldview and to live with open eyes on the way to the living God, even if this implies dying with Christ.


Reactions (translated from Dutch):

  • “I’m touched by your book. Inspiring theme.”
  • “Intellectual exercise can be relaxing.”
  • “Offers a lot for reflection on being a Christian today!”
  • “Beautiful opening … from Psalm 42.”
  • “Wonderful ending from Augustine …”
  • “… contents very relevant for today!”
  • “Never read a book before in which the author invites the reader to delete some paragraphs.”
  • “… and exactly this makes me read on! Theology that dares to be vulnerable.”
  • “Fascinating to read how he enters into conversation with Dawkins’ The God Delusion. Relevant for apologetics!”
  • “… relevant in science & religion discussion.”
  • “Congratulations with this extremely fascinating result.”


Nederlands Dagblad: “Levende God in een post-christelijke tijd.”
Reformatorisch Dagblad: “De diepste dorst van het menselijk hart: GZB-docent W. J. de Wit belicht crisis christendom in gesprek met Bavinck.”
The Bavinck Institute: “Interview with Willem de Wit on His On the Way to the Living God.”


The print edition is no longer for sale. Logos Bible SoftwareAn electronic edition of the book can be ordered through Logos Bible Software.

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